Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Cat Food Review 2021

Nowadays, cat allergy is one of the problems that many cat lovers experience. Though cat allergy might appear later in life, it can also be a congenital type of allergy. People who are unable to adopt a cat due to their allergy or many animal lovers that has to part ways with their cats, look for a solution. The new product Purina Pro Plan LiveClear cat food, aims to minimize cat allergy.



How does Pro Plan LiveClear Work?

This product, which is first in the pet industry, was launched just a few months ago. Pro Plan LiveClear series aims to overcome the allergies of their owners towards them, as well as providing a healthy diet for cats. But how do they achieve this?

The main cause for the cat allergy is the protein that cats secrete in their saliva called FelD-1. Pro Plan LiveClear succeeds to neutralize this enzyme through a protein they obtained from eggs. As a result of researches done by Pro Plan has proven that it reduces allergens in cats by 47%.

Of course, while suppressing this protein, no chemicals against the cat’s body are used and with that internal organs are not harmed in any way. After three weeks of use, mentioned product starts to show its effect. As the cat consumes the food, present Fel D-1 protein decreases and also it is claimed that with the regular use of allergy pills, the allergy problem will be cleared off.

purina proplan liveclear

Pro Plan LiveClear has four types of food; for kittens, adult, neutered and senior cats. I can say that I am quite satisfied that they have released a cat food that is suitable to most cats, except for cats with special diseases.

Currently there is no wet food or treat snack option of this product. However, a shampoo version, that does not require rinsing, has been produced with its formula to help reduce allergies, which also can be used with the cat food. This shampoo, which is in a spray can, claims that allergens will be decreased after it is sprayed on the cat and absorbed into its skin.

Since I will examine the cat shampoos that reduce allergens in more detail in another article, I prefer not to dwell on them too much.

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Cat Food Review

To briefly mention about the other pet foods of the Pro Plan, I do not think that the foods are of high quality. The fact that many cats using the Pro Plan brand face such problems like allergies, dandruff and intense hair loss, unfortunately destroyed my trust in the brand.

For a long time, I could not recommend the Pro Plan to people who consulted me about pet food. I can’t say that my opinion has changed much after I reviewed this series. I leave the ingredients of the cat food below:

Turkey (16%), rice, dehydrated turkey protein, soy protein powder, pea protein, lard, corn Protein meal, corn starch, dried Chicory root (2%), minerals, dehydrated egg, egg yolk powder, fish Oil, yeast.

To begin with, I can say that I do not find the amount of meat in the food satisfying and sufficient. And sadly, the presence of corn and corn starch in it can cause allergies in cats. Frankly, when we compare the content and price factors, we can say that the only good thing about this product is that it protects the cat owners from allergens.

Of course, I can’t really say that the content is that bad, there may be people who want to try this food as a last resort in order not to put their cat for adoption. In this case, I highly recommend that you try the food for a few months and observe the changes in both your cat and you and after determine if you want to continue with the food or not.

While some of the cat owners using this food point out that they have positive results for both their cat and themselves, some of them state that they have got negative results for their cat and there is no significant change in their allergy. People with intense cat allergies did not speak highly of the food, but reviews of people with light allergies mention that the food partially works.

It should be noted that environmental factors are also of great importance in the decreasement of allergens. If a person has both pollen and animal allergies and there are two allergens in one room, the cat’s consumption of this food will not make a serious difference. Paying attention to home hygiene, using powerful cleaning tools, and having an air cleaner at home will also change the intensity of allergic reactions.

Problems such as increased dandruff, diarrhea and increased shedding have been observed in the cats consuming this food. For this reason, unfortunately it is not possible to recommend the food with contentment.

In conclusion, even though this cat food has been tried by many people, it is still not possible to make an accurate comment about it, and because of that, I do not recommend using it if you have an allergic or sensitive cat. If your cat allergy is increasing and you want to take precautions, it may be beneficial for you to try this food for a few months.

I hope that brands such as Orijen, Instinct, Brit Care will produce the equivalent of this cat food and we will not have any doubts when recommending it.

See you in my next post!

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