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What is Mobbing? Business Ethics 101

Mobbing, literally defined as psychological intimidation and harassment. The case of mobbing is very common in the business life. It is a situation where groups that have spent many years in the workplace and created a hierarchy, pressure psychological violence to a person or persons. It is also a situation can frequently be seen in uncontrolled the workplaces, where there is excessive organizing or grouping.

Even though there are many different types of mobbing, this situation happens to individuals in a mostly intentional and systematic way. Some examples include suspending the person from work, increasing the amount of workload for personal reasons, and preventing their possible progress.

Types of Mobbing

Mobbing is a case that can be observed in many different ways. The mobbing of the employee to the employee, the mobbing of the employer to the employee, the mobbing of the senior employee to the novices are some of the types of psychological intimidation. I think it would be right to reinforce the subject by giving a few examples of the mobbing types.

If you are exposed to one or more of the examples below, I highly recommend that you start legal proceedings immediately.

When the negativities in work life are ignored, it can lead to serious psychological traumas which can be quite damaging to our persona.

  • Forcing the employer or employee to resign,
  • The act of humiliating the work of the worker, making disrespectful comments,
  • The act of scolding and criticizing the individual in front of everyone,
  • Collaborating as a group to isolate the worker from the workplace,
  • Ignoring the person during the meeting or speaking, interrupting, not paying attention to what they are talking about,
  • Threatening to take away the position, salary or opportunities provided to the person in the workplace,
  • Verbal or sexual harassment is among the main examples of this situation that can be given.



What can be done while being exposed to mobbing?

The person who is facing the case mobbing should get support from the communication center line specialized in work life issues soon and should take legal action to prevent this situation. Behaviors that will justify the other party should be avoided while being exposed to mobbing.

Verbal and physical violence must be abstained during the incident and the dialogue should be cut as short as possible. Immediately afterwards, occurred event should be noted in great detail(how and when it happened etc.). It may be better not to say that you took notes at first, and to do this in secret, as the coming to other party’s knowledge that you took notes may have worse consequences. Otherwise, you might face much more intense psychological violence or major threats aimed at your private life.

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Which steps the person who is experiencing mobbing should follow?

A person who can prove that they have suffered psychological violence at work can receive a high amount of compensation, including non-pecuniary damage. However, since mobbing is not a concrete case, it is very difficult to prove. Therefore, the presented evidence needs to be ample and detailed. Getting help from an expert for collecting and presenting evidence will always yield more accurate results.

It is recommended that people who want to enter a legal process regarding the situation they live in should follow the steps below :

Warn the person who does mobbing,

Then, if possible, find more than one person who can testify that this person has committed psychological violence.

Note the moments of psychological violence or harassment in chronological order,

  • Include important details while taking notes,
  • Report the situation to human resources or higher authorities with the prepared notes,
  • If necessary, starting the legal process based on various agreements is among the first steps that should be followed. If the legal process progresses, your lawyer will guide you in the best way.

What Problems Can Mobbing Cause on the Individuals?

The effect of mobbing is mostly psychological. Being battered in the workplace can also cause physical injuries in cases of physical abuse. As we know, stress and constantly being in the sad mood can lead to many serious diseases. The person who is adversely affected by the events they have experienced should get psychological support as soon as possible.

Chronic depression, sudden outbursts of anger, constantly being in panic and stress, lack (or loss) of self-confidence, constantly questioning oneself and professional skills, and suicidal tendencies in the long run are just a few of the negative effects.

If you are experiencing one or more of the above-mentioned problems, we recommend that you seek help as soon as possible to avoid further psychological trauma.

The number of people committing suicide is increasing day by day due to the psychological intimidation and violence they experience at work. This is a very important situation that should not be underestimated. Even if you are not experiencing psychological violence at the moment, knowing your rights and being aware of the ways you should follow, without forgetting that you may face this situation one day, will save you from a psychological pressure that can hurt you deeply.

In addition, when dealing with the subject of mobbing, do not forget that you will have this awareness in order not to put someone else in this situation one day as well and it will provide you with different perspectives and will positively affect your communication with your colleagues.

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